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Welcome to the Kalao API reference.

Our GraphQL API helps developers seamlessly fetch information from the Kalao marketplace and engage in Nft trading.

We provide a set of endpoints that enable you to fetch:

  • Activities from individual, nfts and collections*
  • User information, collections they created, items on sale,
  • NFTs information,
  • Collections information,
  • Sales and auctions

Or interact with the marketplace:

  • Create sales and offers
  • Cancel or edit a sale

* ERC721 and ERC1155 collections are supported.


We provide this API for free and require you to provide attribution to Kalao in your application by linking to the Kalao Marketplace.

All examples are based on the testnet api:

When ready, you will need to set the url to the production api:

Please review our terms and conditions on using anything belonging to Kalao.

Rate limit

The default rate limit is set to 150/min per API key.

Getting started

What you'll need

  • An optional Graphql Client like Graphql-Request to get type safe api queries and responses.

  • Ethers or Web3.js to call Kalao Smart Contract.

  • An API key. Click here to request a Kalao API key.

Using Kalao API Playground

To develop and test your custom queries, you can use our test playground on Fuji at